Mar 222010
Authors: Matt L. Stephens

The captain of the CSU hockey team, A.J. Hau, was arrested for disorderly conduct Friday after allegedly attacking a referee during the team’s trip to Simsbury, Conn., for the ACHA Division II National Tournament.

Captain Matthew Catania of the Simsbury Police Department said Hau was arrested for disorderly conduct at 6:16 p.m. He was held on a $250 bond and released later that night.

Catania said approximately six minutes into the Rams’ game against William Paterson, a referee ejected Hau from the contest. Hau then “took a running start, allegedly throws a shoulder into the ref, slamming him into the boards.”
But Hau saw it differently.

“I made a mistake and I realize that, but it’s getting blown out of proportion,” Hau said Monday. “The police report was wrong, it was after the game, and I approached the ref and barely bumped him with my shoulder.”

CSU head coach Kelly Newton came to the defense of his senior captain and said Hau approached the referee to “give him his thoughts,” and bumped the official, who barely budged after being contacted.

“He was not even qualified to ref that caliber of game. This tournament was over his head,” Newton said. “You could tell from the moment the puck dropped that (the ref) was intimidated by the game.”

Hau’s ejection marked the end of a 20-year hockey career for the Fort Collins native, who said he doesn’t want to be remembered by this one incident.

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