Mar 202010

Straight up route six. Photo courtesy of Rodney Ley.

CSU is about to have something very special! Tomorrow (Sunday, March 21) The Outdoor Program at CSU will open the climbing wall at the rec center. The climbing facilities have a bouldering wall with heights from 12 feet to 14 feet and the rope wall boasts 14 ropes with 2 routes each with the highest route reaching to 38 feet!

It sounds amazing. But I can tell you first-hand that it is. Yesterday, the nice folks at the Outdoor Program let me and Matt hang out and play on the nearly-untouched wall for 2 hours or so. We used the top ropes, did a rapell and played around on the bouldering wall.

The routes were set by the ten student staff members for the wall. For all you ladies out there, I suggest you try the orange route on the North side of the wall. Don’t worry, it’s labeled “Chicks Dig It” so it’s easy to find. I dug it! Matt will be back at the wall on the expert route on the West side. As the first to attempt it, he wasn’t able to make it to the top but he said it gives him a project to work on! Now here’s some sneak peek pics for you guys!

Here I am on the rapell from the ledge at 36 feet


Here is Matt playing around on the “expert route.”


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