Mar 102010

Everybody’s seen those kids. The first few days of each semester, they sulk in the back of our classrooms, staring at their desks while attendance is called. At the end of the class, they approach our professors with the hunched shoulders and grave voices that always seem to accompany begging.

They are the late registers, the poor planners, the adviser trusters. In short, these uncomfortable, awkward creatures are students seeking overrides.

We know some of you have probably found yourselves in this position. We understand that it probably wasn’t your fault: you didn’t know when registration started, your parents signed you up for the wrong classes, you were too hungover –– whatever.

The important thing is that those days are over thanks to CSU’s new online waitlist system.

While students who needed to enroll in a full class used to have to go and meet with their professors face-to-face to grovel for a seat, the new system allows them to stay home while they nervously await an online notification that a position has opened.

Will the new system guarantee availability for seniors desperate to graduate? No.

But it will make life easier for those responsibility-challenged members of our community who for too long have found themselves taking extra semesters or years of college for no better reason than because ambitious juniors filled up their capstone classes.

So hurrah to CSU for lending a helping hand to the perpetually distracted among us.

And from those of us in the back of the room: Thanks.

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