Mar 022010

For Coloradans, the winter olympics are always a favorite. While few of us can relate to many of the athletes – think curling or bobsledding – most self-respecting mountain people can identify with the speed and grace of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders.

While the powder junkies get the chance to prove their mettle in the world’s greatest games, other outdoor athletes are forces to prove themselves in smaller, less prestigious contests.

Rock climbers, for example, have long been shoved to the fringe of the athletic community, occupying a space somewhere between indoor soccer and in-line skating. Climbers can find something like a global contest each summer at the Teva Mountain Games, but Daniel Woods still can’t boast Olympic Gold.

All that might change in a decade, however. The International Olympic Committee has officially recognized the International Federation of Sport Climbing, bringing climbing one step closer to the Olympic games. 

The decision to accept climbing as a new olympic sport will be made in 2013, when the sports for the 2020 games will be selected.

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