Why foot the bill?

Feb 282010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Today, the announcement that many students have been waiting for since November rained down from the offices of the Association for Student Activity Programming.

ASAP revealed two bands, Pepper and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, will be bringing that good old rock and roll to campus for the Spring Concert.

But amid all the excitement, one thing has been lost in translation: the price tag.

Now, we realize big bands cost big bucks. And big concerts go a long way in building up student morale and campus visibility.

Where the problem lies is the price to bring these alternative rockers to campus –– $100,000 (between production costs and band fees).

It’s not even the lofty price tag that’s bad. The problem is, despite the large bill footed by student dollars, the tickets are not free for students.

You heard right. Not free.

Yes, the 2008 Homecoming Concert was a campaign promise for a free concert. And yes, ASAP doesn’t have the resources to provide such a large concert without compensation.

But in our fragile economy, why make students hand over more cash for something they’ve already paid for with student fees? If that’s not a possibility, why host the concert in the first place?

On top of everything, ASAP agreed to not release the student voting results for what bands should perform.

So students are in the dark on whether or not they voted for the selected bands, plus they will be footing more than one bill.

Good move? We’ll see.

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