Feb 252010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

By now the word is out that CSU no longer allows concealed gun carry on any part of its campuses.

The system’s Board of Governors Tuesday voted unanimously to strip such weapons from the CSU community despite the threat of litigation, the loud anti-ban voice of CSU students and studies to the contrary.

Not only, however did they strip licensed community members of their legal right to carry concealed guns, but also they stripped students from their greatest line of defense against an outside attacker.

But lets not completely bash on those faceless, invisible BOG members, who are clearly out of touch with their constituents. The policy the university created and the Board passed Tuesday doesn’t completely hinder students’ ability to defend themselves. Just partially.

Despite a previous draft that disallowed them, the new concealed weapon policy has worked into it that students may carry concealed stun guns, Tasers and pepper spray up to one ounce.

This is a smart move by the BOG, which had not made these stipulations in the originally proposed draft for feedback.

Though pepper spray, Tasers or stun guns have as much deterrence to a shooter in a classroom as a notepad or a pencil sharpener, these concealed weapons do serve a purpose in close range self-defense.

They serve to deter individual one-on-one attacks, which was a major concern with the concealed gun band.

So, we guess something’s better than nothing.

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