Feb 252010

We’re screwed.

The dream of the founding fathers is on life support, and the pulse is fading fast.

The Conservative Political Action Committee met for their annual conference, the White House blatantly lied, and to make matters worse, Bill Maher helped to reveal the Tea Party as six-times less informed than the already abysmally misinformed American public.

The CPAC conference was, in a word, bizarre. From the incoherent comments from speakers such as former Gov. Mitt Romney, “If these liberal neo-monarchists succeed they will kill the very spirit that has built the nation.”

Um, pardon me Mitt, but wasn’t it you “conservatives” who ran up an $11 trillion deficit in just eight years, passed the Patriot Act without reading it and basically rubberstamped everything the Bush administration asked for? What do you think that did for the spirit of the nation?

CPAC closed with keynote speaker Glenn Beck. The transcript of his speech actually is not too bad, but he relies so much on some of the shtick from his show, he gave ammunition to Jon Stewart and the rest when he attempted to explain how revolution and political evolution are the same.

His premise was the only difference is speed; one moves fast and people use guns, the other moves slowly like cancer. This is my interpretation.

The attendees voted Rep. Ron Paul their front-runner for the presidential election. Wonderful. When the election of 2012 takes place he will be a very lucky 77-years-old. Awesome.

We get to witness the juxtaposition of a frail old white man debating against younger old white men, and possibly one middle-aged white woman who seems more prepared to co-host “Good Morning Fairbanks”

than run for political office, for the privilege of running against a Democrat who will undoubtedly be promising to sustain unemployment benefits if they win.

Adding to my feeling of nausea for our future as a nation, the White House went on a campaign –– funny how often they fall back to that –– to declare victory. Yes, folks, according to our fearless elected executive who obtained his information from the Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus worked.

The CBO claimed the stimulus saved 1.5 million jobs. The problem, as National Report Online points out, is the CBO based its report on Keynesian mathematical theory.

CBO predicated its numbers on assumptions saying, for every dollar spent by government, there is a direct corollary increase of more than a dollar in Gross Domestic Product.

NRO points out even if the country had lost 10 million jobs, the CBO would claim 11.5 million would have disappeared without the stimulus.

We call that fudging the numbers. The country is past the point of confidence in the market. Yet, still the authorities are still speaking only to short-term political gain, rather than the long-term needs of the country.

Compounding the lies spilling forth from Washington and the partisan crap spilling forth from the two parties who put us in this mess, Bill Maher, ultra-liberal talk show host, brought to light a CBS/New York Times poll.

“In general, do you think the Obama administration has increased taxes for most Americans, decreased taxes for most Americans or have they kept taxes the same for most Americans?” Twelve percent knew the correct answer. Do you?

With his increases in budget deficit and national debt, he most definitely increased taxes on future generations. Don’t argue this. You’ll lose. But restricted to the present, he has in fact cut taxes for 95 percent of workers. When focused on the Tea Party supporters, the poll revealed 12 percent dropped to 2 percent who knew the right answer.

To translate –– and paraphrase Maher –– the Tea Party to protest increased taxes has its facts wrong, about taxes.

We, as a nation, will turn back to the party we threw out just 18 months ago and ask it to save us from these horrible people we put in office.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? That’s the definition of insane.

I say again, we’re screwed.

Seth J. Stern is a non-traditional student. His pessimism for future generations appears every Friday in the Collegian. Comments and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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