Feb 172010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

When U.S. Olympian Lindsey Vonn lathered her bruised right shin with an obscure topfen cheese curd earlier this month … well, it was just weird.

But what wasn’t weird was when she crossed the finish line in first place in the women’s Olympic downhill Wednesday with a time of 1 minute 44.19 seconds. That was brilliant, in fact.

What made it even more brilliant? That Vonn, a Colorado resident, was the first American woman to take gold in the backbreaking event and that her teammate and long-time friend Julia Mancuso followed closely, clenching silver.

Really, it’s a thrill that America is doing so well in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics –– four gold, three silver and five bronze medals; that’s pretty darn good.
But enough with the gloating.

Essentially, the Olympics are more than a multi-million dollar, global sporting event. The Olympics offer an arena for countries to come together peacefully (well, as peacefully as they can come together when set against one another for the gold) and showcase their most talented athletes.

With that said, though it seems worthless, take time out of your day to watch the athletes perform who represent your nation –– whether that’s America or not.
Read the articles, look at the photos and follow the medal counts. Get involved and follow the Olympics. When it comes down to it, who doesn’t like sports, snow, ice … or Canadians?

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