Letter to the Editor

Feb 172010
Authors: Karen Hernandez, sophomore, nutrition and food science

This letter is for Ian Bezek, the author of the article “Confession time: I’m rooting for Canada” which was published in Monday’s Collegian.

I found this article to be incredibly ignorant and offensive. The Olympics are an event that is supposed to show pride and patriotism toward one’s country. You root for your country because as a citizen that is your job: to be supportive.

The Olympics are not a battle and no one is going to bash a country for winning or losing. This is a time when the world comes together to compete in a friendly manner. Just like with the Super Bowl, the New Orleans Saints brought hope back to a city that had been devastated; the Olympics are giving the American people hope and pride when we are in such a difficult situation.

You think you were born in an “immoral and rogue nation?” The same nation that allows you to voice your opinions the way you are right now. Try living somewhere freedom of speech is prohibited, where people die just to get their voice heard.

America is the land of opportunity and freedom, so maybe you should stop complaining and be thankful for being able to wake up in the morning and not wonder if you’ll make it through the day.

Oh, and by the way, in case you have yet to notice the United States is not the only country fighting wars.

Karen Hernandez
Sophomore, Nutrition and Food Science

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