Feb 092010

A conspiracy that would belong in a John Grisham novel is brewing against the gays at CSU.

But it’s not fiction.

On Monday, Steven Parker, a CSU student, circulated an e-mail conversation he had with an alumna to the Collegian, the Office of the President and other administrators.

The conversation revolved around the overt and insidious agenda of CSU President Tony Frank’s administration to marginalize the GLBT community with its new vice president of Diversity position, mentioned in an e-mail Frank sent to campus regarding the now infamous “Cowboys vs. Indians” incident.

It was a pretty ingenious strategy for Frank to eliminate nearly half of his cabinet when he took the top office a year and a half ago –– a political posturing, if you will, for this very move.

It’s not hard to conjure mental images of Frank and his administrative minions sitting in a state-of-the-art secret conference room several stories deep under the Oval with highly paid escorts and martinis, laughing maniacally about their evil campus takeover.

And it surely doesn’t stop with GLBT. The depth and breadth of the conspiracy pervades all areas of our fine institution.
Frank’s message to the community is probably a mechanism to ignore all other issues that affect this campus –– like the economic downturn or the gun ban or those irresponsible reporters who produce the student paper.

It’s quite obvious when you really scrutinize the issue that this so-called “Office of Diversity” is a clever gimmick to keep the matters of lesser importance –– like simple racism –– at the forefront of social debate, while downplaying the bigger ones.

Be wary, CSU. The Frank administration has it in for you.

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