Feb 042010
Authors: Matt Minich, Madeline Novey

Devon Arnold, a 22-year-old CSU mechanical engineering student, was found dead along a set of train tracks east of Denver 10 a.m. Thursday. Arnold was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

He was reported missing to the Denver Police Department on Feb. 3, said Maggie Martinez, a spokesperson for the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. He was discovered after an engineer from Burlington Northern Railroad phoned police to report a body on the tracks.

The body was found two miles east of Keenesburg in a remote area that Martinez said was far from any populated areas.

Arnold, who enrolled at CSU in 2006, disappeared Wednesday night while he was attending a Nuggets basketball game at the Pepsi Center with about 10 to 12 other ATO members, ATO’s Executive Director Wynn Smiley said.

After searching for him, his fellow ATO members called Denver police to report him missing.

Arnold was a “really smart guy, one of those guys who stands out,” Smiley said, adding that he was involved in several organizations and “well known.”

Agreeing that Arnold’s death is a loss to both the Greek and CSU communities, Smile said, “The guys in the chapter are stunned and very sad, and there are students on campus who share those same feelings because he was so involved.”

When asked if there would be a memorial service for Arnold, Smiley said there is “a high likely hood” that there woud be one held for the campus.

Other CSU organizations on campus and various sororities have reached out to ATO since the incident, Smiley said, adding that members of the fraternity have received enough meals from the university community to last them through Tuesday.

“The chapter is very appreciative of the campus outreach,” he said.

Following news of his death, CSU issued the following statement:

“Devon’s death is a tragic event that saddens many in the university community,” said spokesperson Dell Rae Moellenberg in an e-mail to the Collegian. “We extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends for their loss.”

While it is not definitive yet, Student Affairs is talking with Arnold’s family to determine if a service will be held at CSU, Moellenberg said.

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