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Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

This week campus has been ripped in two factions by something as small as a Facebook group event.

As reported in Wednesday’s Collegian, an event inviting CSU students to dress like “Indians” at this weekend’s men’s basketball game against the Wyoming Cowboys surfaced earlier this week on the social networking site.

Tuesday, group creator and CSU junior Ben Margolit changed the event to an “Orange Out,” to match CSU’s retro jerseys, in the wake of an uproar from the university community.

Margolit said he never meant to offend anyone and seemed sincere in his sentiment. The group was changed. Clearly, the situation was heading toward an end.

But the seemingly innocent, yet completely ignorant characterization of Native Americans opened the floodgates for hate mongering.

Hate speech weaved itself through the comment section of the page, and group defenders slung verbal blows at those upset with the inaccurate portrayals of Native Americans.

One student posted: “If it weren’t for our annihilation of that piss poor culture you wouldn’t even have this basketball game.”

Such rhetoric breeds feelings of anger and disappointment. It’s a wonder that in a time like now, when race relations are better than ever before in our nation’s history, people can still be so hateful.

No one’s debating that racism doesn’t exist in today’s world. In fact, it’s far beyond any tolerable level. But such immaturity and ignorance should not be tolerated.

This week, diversity efforts have taken several steps back, and that’s embarrassing.

Having such ignorance and hatred on our campus makes us ashamed to be CSU Rams.

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