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Authors: Katelyn McNamara

With the number of medical marijuana dispensaries on the rise in the city and throughout the state, more people have become interested in this booming industry.

And dispensaries and paraphernalia shops in Fort Collins are experiencing increased business as a result.

When Dave Beiderman, an employee at the paraphernalia shop Kind Creations on College Avenue was asked if he noticed more interest in the store within the last few months he said, “Hell yeah, ridiculously,” adding, “They should just legalize it (marijuana).”

He and others in the shop agreed that sales have skyrocketed following the dispensary boom.

In Denver, there are more marijuana dispensaries then there are Starbucks `–– more than 300, according to a CBS4 Denver article.

CSU sophomore Stephen Fox obtained a medical marijuana card last Thursday and admitted that getting the card was relatively easy.

“I haven’t used it yet,” Fox said, laughing, as he browsed a paraphernalia shop on South College Avenue.

Legalizing marijuana completely is not in the works just yet for Colorado legislators; however, they are talking about taking a step back.

A new piece of legislation introduced by the Colorado Senate on Monday calls for a ban on having doctors on staff inside of medical marijuana dispensaries. With this proposal, legislators are hoping that this will help sift out recreational pot users from those who are actually utilizing it for medical needs.

Sam Leuschen, an employee at a medical marijuana dispensary at City Park Avenue and Elizabeth Street, said that if passed, the new legislation “won’t really affect us right now since we don’t have a doctor on site.”

Leuschen said that he doesn’t see a problem with having a doctor on staff giving referrals because “that’s what this whole business is about.”
While Leuschen said that the shop was in the process of getting an on-site doctor, the new legislation could potentially prevent them from growing as a business.

Abundant Healing, located on Linden Street, offers far more than just medical marijuana.

Joey Simental, a registered caregiver at the 1-month-old facility, said that they aren’t worried about the new legislation affecting business because they don’t have a doctor on staff as it is.

Abundant Healing, which offers a tranquil atmosphere, a fresh vibe offset by earth tone colors and a welcoming staff, strives to make their clients feel comfortable. Through this, they offer pot brownies, lollilpops and cookies, acupuncture, hot rock massages, an on-staff nutritionist and a chiropractor.

Simental, who has a finance and law background, said that they really did their research before establishing their business.
“We want to do more than sell it (marijuana), we really want to educate too.”

As for marijuana, they offer a variety from Blue Dream and Mountain Jam to Island Sweet Skunk and Sour Diesel, each giving the client a different and unique high.

After sharing examples of some of the conditions his clients have –– migraines and fibromyalgia –– Simental said that the humanistic aspect of his business has really changed him as a person.

As for the future, with only the Senate having voted on the recent legislation, the world of medical marijuana will now have to wait for the House to make its decision.

Staff writer Katelyn McNamara can be reached at news@collegian.com.

How to obtain a medical marijuana registry card

See a doctor

Meet necessary medical guidelines (certain medical conditions that qualify include: chronic pain, glaucoma, cancer, migraines, HIV, arthritis, stress, insomnia, AIDS, epilepsy, PMS, among others)

Obtain a written recommendation indicating that marijuana could alleviate any discomfort or pain caused by the individual’s condition

The Colorado Health Department will accept or deny the application within 35 days

If approved, applicant will receive a Medical Marijuana Registry card

Source: http://sensiblecolorado.org

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