Jan 312010
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

The CSU Police Department released its official police report on the 2008 death of Matthew Quitmeyer last week, illuminating the reasons the department eventually ruled a murder investigation a suicide.

Discovered in the Summit Hall parking lot in July of 2008, he had been killed by a gunshot to the chest, and no gun could be found on the scene. Because of the absence of the gun and the lack of powder burns on Quitmeyer’s wounds, police determined that he had been shot from a distance.

After discovering a rifle purchased by Quitmeyer in a bush 90 feet from his corpse, along with several suicide notes and a computer search history including queries about life insurance and suicide, CSUPD ruled the death a suicide.

Considering this evidence and the lack of any evidence supporting a homicide, CSUPD concluded that Quitmeyer shot himself with the rifle, hid the weapon and stumbled the 89.6 feet to his death in the parking lot.

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