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Authors: Sara Michael

Editor’s note: Karl Pfeiffer is the brother of Collegian Binary Boy Glen Pfeiffer.

CSU creative writing student Karl Pfeiffer will return to his life as a ghost hunter sometime in the next few weeks. This time, he’s going abroad.

During September and October, Karl Pfeiffer was one of five students chosen to be on “Ghost Hunters Academy,” a SyFy channel show that he applied for on a whim. On the show’s final episode, he was told he would be sent overseas with the network’s show “Ghost Hunters International.”

“I didn’t expect anything from it,” he said, smiling to himself. “And then I was on it, and they wound up asking me to go on their international production.”

Karl Pfeiffer doesn’t know when he’s leaving, or where he will be going.

Shrugging, he said he knew the departure and details would be last minute, and he said that his experiences with the show have taught him to be patient.

As one of two students from Ghost Hunters Academy to graduate to the international level, Karl Pfeiffer said he is excited to go overseas because he’s never been abroad.

“This is the absolute most perfect opportunity,” he said. “A couple weeks ago I was nervous. Now I’m getting antsy.”

His mom, Linda Pfeiffer, is not so gung-ho about his impending departure. She feels a little trepidation, she said, but overall, his family has supported him from day one.

“Karl has had an interest in the paranormal since he was six or seven,” she said. “It was mostly a matter of sharing his excitement.”

When he got the offer, Linda Pfeiffer said the family told him it was an opportunity he couldn’t turn down.

“He’s got to live his life while he’s got it to live,” she said.

While Karl Pfeiffer described his new career as “sweet,” his semi-celebrity status is more a point of humor than anything else. Last season, he and another teammate had a “race for followers” with their Twitter accounts.

Their initial goal was to see who could get 300 followers, and Karl Pfeiffer said that the competition didn’t really pick up until the last night the show aired.

“It was fun, sitting there and watching the numbers go up,” he said. “He beat me, but we both got up to 450.” He said the most enjoyable part of the fame was making light of it all.

Through it all, Karl Pfeiffer said, the show hasn’t really changed his beliefs on the existence paranormal things –– he still harbors a fascination with the dark and creepy.

The best part, he said, is the chance to visit “possibly insanely haunted locations” that he otherwise wouldn’t have access to. “These places are huge –– they’re history.”

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