Jan 282010
Authors: Sara Michael

A CSU Parking Services employee was fired for embezzling about $150 in cash from parking ticket fines, according to a police report.

In September, Charlene Noah, an administrative assistant and assistant manager at Parking Services, was discovered ferreting funds from payments that students made to the department to pay parking fines.

“I just kinda did it,” she said in the police narrative. “I’m guilty as sin.”

Initially estimating that she had stolen nearly $300, she later confessed to taking only $150 during the months of August and September.
She said in her statement that she used the money for “(baby) formula and food.” In her statement, she also added that in August she got into a “financial bind” and “did not know where to turn.”

CSU officials said in the narrative that they were aware of complaints about missing payments dropped in drop boxes in major parking lots throughout campus and in the CSUPD lobby but hadn’t done anything to change the situation.

The drop box allows people to pay their citations with cash or check and leave the envelope containing the payment in the box.

Noah was found out when Parking Services Director David Bradford recorded the serial numbers from several actual citation payments and turned them in to her to record in the computer.

According to the police report, Noah then altered the computer records, resulting in an unaccounted for $80.

CSUPD matched serial numbers from the missing cash to cash in Noah’s possession, and though she initially denied any involvement, she eventually confessed.

“I am truly sorry,” she wrote in her statement. “I do not like the feeling this brought and the bad name this has caused.”
When contacted by the Collegian Thursday afternoon, Noah had no comment.
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