Jan 272010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

For more than two weeks, Americans have been glued to their television sets while what seems like every available journalist has broadcast stories of the suffering and devastation in Haiti.

In the last 15 days, we have been witnesses to a remarkable display of compassion and unity. A typically cannibalistic broadcast media has largely abandoned partisan jabs in favor of support for the nation’s recovery efforts.
Teabaggers and granola munchers have come together at vigils and memorials across the county to send their prayers and condolences to the hemisphere’s poorest country.

What Haiti truly needs is not good wishes or pity, but instead send cash. Hundreds of aid groups working with the disaster victims have sent the American people the same message: More than anything, they need money.

And Americans have given in droves. According to a poll recently published by Zogby Interactive and published by the Los Angeles Times, one-third of the U.S. population has donated to the Haitian recovery and another third is planning to contribute.

As college students, it can be all too easy to avoid the tides of charity. Too many of us are struggling to pay our rent or grocery bills to send money overseas for any cause.

More than a few of us are scratching out a living by selling our own bodily fluids –– what could we possibly have to spare?
Broke as we may be, the Haitian people continue to suffer. Condolences will not feed the hungry or tend to the sick.

While the disaster in the Caribbean fades from public view, we at the Collegian encourage you to keep your good tidings to yourself and send your cash to those in need.

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