Yays and Nays

Jan 252010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to sell-out crowds at Moby Arena this year for a variety of Rams sports. Finally fans are understanding that you can’t just sit at home, wishing the Rams didn’t suck anymore.
Nay |* to copious amounts of homework just one week in to the semester. What ever happened to coasting for a few weeks? Clearly, professors are inherently evil (JK, please no pop quizzes).
yay |* to the newly revamped Collegian.com and design for the print product. We’re sooooo pretty. And shiny, too.

nay | to cold weather this week. Stop toying with us Mother Nature; it’s just not cool.

yay | to the newly elected future Collegian Editor-in-Chief Madeline Novey. Please, if you would, when you see her around call her Boss Lady. Or Master Chief.

Nay | to no more Conan O’Brien on late night TV. Cold, restless nights are just not the same without a little CoCo.

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