Jan 172010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Despite several avenues students have taken to voice their opinions on concealed handgun carry on campus, the CSU System Board of Governors refuses to acknowledge the will of groups representing ALL its constituents.

First, student government — which canvassed students for opinions on the issue — voted 21-3 in favor of keeping the current CSU concealed carry policy, which allows for handguns to be carried by licensed and screened individuals.

They hoped that the BOG would take into consideration the student voice. They were wrong.

Then, more than 1,200 students put their signature on a petition against the BOG’s decision to ban concealed carry, which would take effect starting in February.

Now, Colorado lawmakers are getting involved. Seven state senators and two representatives have endorsed a letter giving the board an ultimatum, saying if they do not change their minds, legal action will be taken.

And this all comes down to one thing: the BOG is soft. That’s right, they’re pansies.

It’s not even the issue of concealed carry anymore. It’s about fairly representing constituents — you know, the people the board’s decisions affect.

Instead of standing for what the CSU community wants, however, the BOG is covering its own ass. What it calls a “reasonable and responsible step,” we equate to political cowardess.

They would rather avoid a mishap with a concealed weapon, which has never happened on a campus that allows concealed carry, than actually listen to students, who just want to protect themselves.

But hey, it’s not like they represent the whole CSU community or anything.

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