Jan 172010
Authors: Rebecca Howard

Student government’s Director of Academic Affairs Conrad Miller had already completed two years of school at the University of New Mexico when his parents decided to move to Colorado.

“My parents got tired of New Mexico and said, ‘You’re coming too,’” Miller said. “That was really hard because I was really involved with the Greek system there and with club lacrosse.”

Miller, a senior economics major, said he had to “start from scratch” as a junior, getting comfortable with a new campus and making new friends. Despite the difficult situation, Miller made the best of it, eventually getting involved with the Associated Students of CSU after learning more about it from a friend.

“I thought it was a really cool student organization,” Conrad said. “I thought the Senate would be a cool place to start. It was kind of on a whim, but ever since then, I’ve just kind of ran with it.”

With graduation right around the corner, Miller, along with two other graduating members of ASCSU, reflected on their time spent serving the students of CSU.

Why they got involved

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