Jan 162010
Authors: Jason Easton

The CSU Board of Governors unanimously issued an order that CSU-Fort Collins President Tony Frank and CSU-Pueblo President Joe Garcia are to draft policies forbidding concealed weapons on campus. A unanimous vote was taken despite the fact that most of the total population of CSU opposed the ban.

Not one member of the BOG respected the decision of the Associated Students of CSU. Once again we’ve been ignored. The BOG tells us either that we don’t know what’s good for us or that they don’t care.

There is clearly only one influence we can possess over the BOG: the law. For this reason I ask that your readers take some time over break to write to any alumni that they know, their state legislators and Gov. Bill Ritter, and let them know what they think, both of the BOG’s disregard for their safety and of the BOG’s disregard of their opinion.

Jason Easton


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