Yays and Nays

Jan 152010
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Yay | to the CSU volleyball team for making the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16. Never, ever once did we have any doubts you’d go far in the tourney … NEVER.

Nay | to the frigid weather over the past few days. It’s colder than Tiger Woods’ relationship with his wife. Zing!

yay | to the new Student Media heads Zachary Newton (CTV) and Dylan Wray (KCSU). Good work, fellas.

nay | to finals. Nothing says retaining material like cramming three months worth of studying into one delirious, caffeine-dependant, all-nighter.

yay | to the CSU System Board of Governors really listening to student opinions about concealed carry on campus. It doesn’t matter that most of the student population’s view opposed that of the BOG because obviously they know what’s best. We’re clearly just a group of uninformed, mindless, ignorant 20-somethings.

Nay | to spending money on holiday gifts. The best things in life are free, but who are we kidding. Life’s just so much better with an iPod and a Wii.

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