Jan 102010

Having grown up in Colorado, it´s safe to say I´m not much of a surfer girl. But it´s fun to dream right? I am now in beautiful (understatement) Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, thouroughly enjoying the Pacific. Yesterday, we rented a surfboard to try our hand at this precarious water sport. Just like snowboarding, but on water right? Wrong. So wrong. I had surfed once before, in Hawaii, but we hadn´t really started off on ¨baby waves¨ there. Here, we did. Still, attempting to stand on water did not come easily. I got up on a few small waves and rode them up to the beach. That felt pretty cool, although I´m sure I didn´t look super cool…or anything close to.

If anything, paying ten dollars to rent a surfboard was paying ten dollars for good entertainment. My boyfriend and I got some good laughing in just watching each other. We were so uncoordinated, so determined, and so very bad at surfing! I am banged up today, as is inevitable when I am attempting any new sport or activity. My boyfriend, Alex, asked me yesterday if I was sore like muscle sore or sore like I got hit with a bag of oranges. A bag of oranges, definitely, I told him.

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