Dec 172009
Authors: Jim Sojourner

Dear CSU: Please open campus up to a student-only goose season during Christmas break.

Wanted: Attractive female to help me repopulate following Zombie apocalypse. Must be comfortable with undead bodies, proficient with firearms and love cupcakes.

A recent study has shown that playing beer pong contributes to the spread of the flu and mono.Yeah — only if you suck at it.

To whomever thought that a large brush was a good idea for snow removal: Thanks for buffing the ice to a nicely slippable shine.

To those who thought the first week in December was the perfect time to play HvZ: Missions postponed for snow? Who’da thunk?

Dear Colorado: Why must you be so cold? If you ever fall victim to global climate change, call me. Maybe we can be friends.

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