LTTE: The law is the law

Dec 172009
Authors: Rob Lanius

I thought Mr. Kastner’s article “Don’t pull me over, just text me a ticket,” in Wednesday’s paper was horribly written and poorly argued. To begin, Kastner says that text messaging while driving is his right, given to him by the Constitution of the United States.

Driving is not a right, granted to you by one of the founding documents of this nation. Driving is considered a privilege given to you after you pass a test, showing that you possess some form of intellect and that you are competent enough to get behind the wheel of a car.

Since driving is a privilege, certain restrictions and laws can be passed saying what you can and can’t do. These laws were voted in and are there to protect you from killing other people.

Let me state another example for you. Drinking is a privilege, given to a person at the age of 21, stating that he or she can legally consume alcohol. This is not a right given to you, and it can easily be taken away if you violate a law in place to protect you and other people from drinking while driving.

Instead of being an undeclared senior who is interested in mathematical and physical sciences, put down the notepad and stop writing dumb articles where you have no idea what you are talking about. Start by declaring a major, and do something with your life instead of writing for a left-wing newspaper that publishes outrageous titles like “F*** Bush.”

It makes me feel so great that idiots like you are on the road and that I have nut-jobs like you in a court of law defending me. Have fun ignoring this law, I’ll be laughing when I drive by and see you pulled over on the side of the street.

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