Yays and Nays

Dec 162009

Yay to the Locks for Love campaign snipping hair for individuals with cancer. And thank some higher power they’re not snipping anything else.

Nay to the CSU football team really sinking low with their seventh straight loss. The loss puts the Rams out of bowl contention. But don’t fret, we still have the CSU basketball team to … wait, when did volleyball become our last hope for Ram pride?

Yay to KCSU-FM, our radio branch and your student-run radio station, fundraising about a grand to upgrade their studio. Finally, their cheeky quirks and outrageous personalities served a purpose, but man their music still sucks.

Nay to the tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas. Man, we can’t even find something to make light of with this. Our hearts go out to all the families and friends affected by this horrific situation.

Yay to Native American Awareness Month. Ironically, it is the same month where millions of Americans ignore the atrocities committed by the Europeans on Native Americans when they landed in North America by stuffing themselves to the gills with turkey and stuffing. God bless America.

Nay to Gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry pulling himself from the Republican ticket in Colorado. Likely to beat incumbent Bill Ritter after a tumultuous first term, Colorado will now be stuck with traditional social conservative Scott McInnis. God have mercy on us all.

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