Dec 162009
Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer

After staying at wide receiver for the majority of the 2009 season, the position shuffle that has been T.J. Borcky’s playing career with the CSU Rams gained new life this week.

The Rams returned to the practice fields south of Moby Arena Wednesday, along with questions of whether Borcky will ultimately end up a wide receiver or a quarterback.

CSU head coach Steve Fairchild addressed the issue in his weekly press conference Monday, and said there is little chance Borcky will start at quarterback for the Rams this season, but realistically could see some game time reps.

Borcky, a sophomore, has been staggered by an ankle injury the past few weeks, but took some snaps at quarterback during scrimmages last week and was given time behind center Tuesday and Wednesday.

“I like him. I think he is a good athlete and throws a nice ball; he did some good things in there,” Fairchild said, referring to Borcky’s reps at quarterback. “At this point, with the lack of reps he has had, it’s kind of silly to think he would be able to come in and function with our entire offense, but there is a place for him to line up at quarterback, maybe in the next two games. We will see; I want to see how healthy he is.”

Borcky was recruited by and came to CSU as a quarterback, but moved to receiver early last season. Since then, the 20-year-old has occasionally been asked to fill in as a quarterback in practices but has mostly retained his roll as a pass catcher.

Borcky explained that he really doesn’t have a preference where he plays as long as he is helping the team, but admitted he’d enjoy a shot as a quarterback.

“Whatever they want me to be, I could go either way, honestly,” he said. “It doesn’t matter to me. If the opportunity is there, of course I’ll want to do it.”

Dion Morton can easily relate to Borcky’s situation. Morton, like Borcky, played quarterback in high school only to change positions in college. The current wide receiver said Borcky can play either role effectively.

“He can throw the ball and played quarterback in high school,” Morton, a senior said. “He’s also done a really good job at receiver. If he learns the offense, he could be a quarterback and would be good back there. He’s just a good athlete.”

Even if Borcky, a Florida native, doesn’t get an opportunity behind center in 2009, Fairchild said he could give him a chance in 2010 during spring ball.

“I am seriously weighing that and have been for a few weeks,” Fairchild said. “Obviously, we will take a look when we get back here in January, but I don’t want to say anything definitive right now, but we are certainly going to consider that.”

Borcky’s first opportunity to see some time at quarterback will come this Saturday as the Rams travel south to play the New Mexico Lobos.

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