Dec 072009
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

The boot may be firmly in the hands of the University of Wyoming Cowboys after their football victory over CSU on Friday, but Ram fans spilled more border war blood in the name of charity last week.

The Garth Englund Blood Center, which serves the Poudre Valley Health System and acted as CSU’s donation center, collected 334 pints of blood and took home the bronze foot, symbolic of trumping their adversary, the United Blood Service Center in Wyoming, which brought in 310 pints.

The third annual Blood Border War aimed to boost donations during the holidays when, spokesperson for the competition and former Collegian editor Gary Kimsey said, the Garth Englund Blood Center only sees between 100 and 150 donors.

Kevin Koerwitz, donor recruitment representative for the United Blood, said it collected 155 fewer pints during this year’s competition but said he suspected that resulted from the date of the football face-off being the day after Thanksgiving.

This year, the competition collected fewer pints of blood than last year, when Garth Englund collected 511 pints and United Blood collected 465 pints.

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