Dec 052009
Authors: Glen Pfeiffer

Ryan and I had been out on the Plaza looking for the codes that were today’s mission for about two hours, at times just wandering and keeping our eyes out for zombies.

There was definitely an undead presence despite it only being the first day of the outbreak, but bands of roaming survivors were keeping them at bay.

Getting into classes in the Clark building was easy if you used the door on the east side, where no one ever goes. There was a false sense of security around us while the Plaza was dead during classes.

The danger heightened when classes got out at 1:50 p.m. Ryan, I and another survivor didn’t know were caught at junction of the roads between Braiden Hall and the Morgan Library parking lot.

We were standing still for slightly too long discussed Ryan making his way to his ride so he could get to work, when out of nowhere a zombie attacked us from behind, out of the throngs of people on the sidewalk. We didn’t even get a shot off. About three more zombies joined the attack and devoured our souls.

An hour later, the H1Z1 infection took control of our … BRAAAAAAINS!

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