Dec 052009

I must say, I don’t really like working out outside when it’s 9 degrees! So, this week I found an alternative way to get exercise. Yoga. Four days this week I did yoga for an hour. Initially, I was thinking “Yeah, I could use a calmer mind right now and a little more flexibility. How about some yoga?” What I didn’t realize is that I would be sore all week! My legs, my underarms, my back…sore! This soreness made me feel good about myself though, since I have been taking great measures to avoid the frigid weather, which means missing workouts! For all of you who are anything like me and HATE being hot in cold weather while you work out, I recommend yoga. Get a video though. This is where I went wrong. I have yoga cards and often find myself falling over as I try to read them in wierd positions, which is rather counterproductive. Another great indoor workout I found this week was the climbing gym. Hopefully we’ll hit double digits soon and the I’ll be willing to go snowboarding and snowshoeing and maybe even do a little running!

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