Nov 162009
Wouldn't we all rather be here?

Wouldn't we all rather be here?

As outdoorsy folks, we want to connect with all of you other outdoorsy folks at CSU. We want to share stories with you, and we want you to share stories with us. Now, while you’re sitting in class wishing you were outside, you can check out this blog to get some ideas of where to go.
            Your Feat will serve as a forum for all of us who love to be outside. Several times a week we will bring you everything from personal accounts, to snow reports, book reviews and information you need to get out, including a calendar of local outdoor events. We also want you to share with us. Look to us as your guide to what’s outside, and let us know where to go and where you’ve gone.
            That’s what we have to offer ­­–– but what we here at Your Feat want to know is what do you want to know? When you go out, whether for an afternoon hike or a week-long epic, tell us about it. If you don’t want to go out, tell us where you want us explore.

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