Oct 292009

For Air Force:

Balanced offense. Air Force averages more than 275 rushing yards a game but only 66.5 through the air. CSU has a strong rush defense, so the Falcons will need to find balance.

No turnovers. So far this season, the Falcons have thrown only one interception but fumbled the ball 13 times. CSU is good at forcing turnovers, so AFA will have to be sure-handed.

Get to Stucker. Air Force has sacked the opposing quarterback 23 times this season, and the Rams have gotten in trouble when the offensive line can’t protect Grant Stucker.

For Colorado State:

Stop the option. Air Force lives and dies on their success running the triple option.

Balanced defense. Last season the Rams stopped Air Force’s option early, but that’s when the Falcons found success through the air.

Convert third downs. The CSU offense has struggled converting third downs this season. In order to win, they need to convert whether it’s third and short or third and long.

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