Oct 222009
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Tonight, the gruesome untold past of murder, paranormal activity, and unsolved mysteries in downtown Fort Collins will be revealed to curious participants during the ninth annual Terror Tours.

The hour-long walking tour, which starts in Library Park and explores Old Town and revives happenings of the past, is open to the public and led by several staff members who are employed by the Fort Collins Museum and Discover Science Center.

Treloar Bower, the museum’s curator, said the tour outlines a series of the occurrences documented in the museum’s archives. The archives contain first-hand accounts of the horrors, newspaper articles and graphic records outlining the cases, she said.

To prepare material for the tour, the guides also spend the year talking to employees of businesses in Old Town to see if they have experienced any abnormal activities.

Bower’s personal favorite is the “gory” tale of a young solider from Camp Collins who was brutally murdered by American Indians on a trip to Wyoming. The nature of the tour, she said, is not for children.

Bower said one of the less eerie, but most popular, stops during the tour is right off Mason Street where some of the brothels were located decades ago.

“I think people get a chuckle from knowing that on the second floor of this building, there was a brothel,” Bower said.

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