Oct 212009
Authors: Glen Pfeiffer, Ryan Gibbons

This week just so happens to be the biggest week of the year for shiny new computer advances from our favorite companies, Apple and Microsoft. Today also happens to be the day Glen turns 00010101, or 21 years old if you aren’t speakin’ our language. Which means tonight he is gonna go a little crazy — legally teaching other people how to drive.

Oh, the benefits of having dieci-uno anos.

On the topic of Glen’s birthday, he is getting one of the best presents that anyone could hope for: A version of Windows that’s way better than Vista (Thanks Mr. Gates, he’ll treasure this one forever).

Yes, Windows 7 drops today, which is inevitably leading to a combined Windows 7/birthday party. Yeah, we got one of Microsoft’s exclusive party packs, complete with the Steve Ballmer Signature Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate version, because we love Steve Ballmer.

Of course, Apple couldn’t let Microsoft have all the spotlight this week, so two days ago they dropped a piano on us — a piano in the form of a new iMac, a new MacBook, a new Mac Mini and a sexy new mouse (a multi-touch equipped mouse, at that. The world’s first). It has us multi-touching ourselves just thinking about it.

So as you can see, it’s a giant Mac vs. PC showdown this week, setting the stage perfectly for … drum-roll please … our article on the Mac vs. PC debate in this semester’s edition of College Avenue. The CSU student-run magazine just happened to hit shelves Wednesday. Go grab a copy.

It gets even better. Oct. 22 is INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY. It’s a good thing we are writing this column a day in advance. It’s a real holiday — Google it. Go ahead and type in all caps today.

If you were wondering what else happened on this day in history, as if the week weren’t big enough, Kennedy made the Cuban Missile Crisis public and Donnie Darko burned down Patrick Swayze’s house. The second, however, is fictional.

Moving quickly back to Windows 7, we have been fielding a certain question from many friends: Is 7 worth the upgrade?

Price, of course, determines its worth. Microsoft realizes that college students value-for-price perception is different, so they made Home Premium — one of the many different versions of 7 — run a cool $29.99 for CSU students and faculty, down from $119.99. Undoubtedly this is a fair price, so now … do you need it?

If you go home, power on your brightly colored laptop, enter in your significant other’s name as your password, check Facebook and every week or so wander over to your e-mail or check RamCT, then no. Take your $30 and invest in Skittles.

But for those of you who actually care about your computing experience, we’d say sure, go for it. Make your daily dose of technology a little spicier.

Ask anyone who has used 7 to describe it in one sentence, and they’ll tell you something along the lines of, “It’s just Vista but without the headaches.” It’s like buying a newer model of the same car, albeit a car whose older version was practically recalled.

Fundamentally, it’s still the same. But the corners are a little rounder, it goes a little bit faster and all the bells and whistles have been tweaked. Don’t expect OS X though — just sayin’ (we kid).

Our final word: if you just heard about Windows 7 in the past week or so, then wait. Your PC will die someday over the next couple years, and its replacement will come with 7. But if Windows is part of your daily life, then consider the upgrade. A change of scenery can be nice.

Columnists Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer would like to cordially invite you to their Windows 7/birthday party. You can RSVP by e-mail at verve@collegian.com.

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