Oct 202009

Student government made their last stand in front of the City Council Tuesday night after months of work pushing for reform on the city’s U+2 occupancy ordinance. And let’s be honest. It wasn’t much of a stand.

With a comprehensive review of the ordinance that prohibits more than three unrelated people from living in the same residence approaching next Tuesday, student government’s Assistant Director of Student Affairs Shaun Reed and about 10 of his fellow members, holding bundles of letters opposing the ordinance, walked up to the podium during the open discussion session of Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

Reed briefly told the council about the roughly 3,000 or so letters and endorsements CSU students wrote in support of reforming the current law, asked if the council would accept them and then left quietly with his cohorts.

No one clapped, no one gasped and no one yelled. In fact, nobody did much of anything, except for the 10 letter holders, who mostly just looked confused about where to put the all the letters.

Reed and his gaggle seemed befuddled and wishy-washy. Following a horde of strong, vocal U+2 supporters, ASCSU’s statement was weak and easily ignored. The fact that ASCSU officials managed to get even 3,000 letters and endorsements out of our largely apathetic student body is impressive, this last grand gesture was not.

But, despite the frail attempt, at least Reed and his confused gang of letter bearers have guts. After all, where was the great and fearless leader ASCSU President Dan Gearhart? Oh, yeah. He was acting as master of ceremonies at a campus fashion show.

Hopefully the letters will speak better on their own.

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