Oct 202009
Authors: Keith Robertson

Do you smell that? You should. The overwhelmingly sweet smell of success is right under your nose. It has been this whole time. And now it’s your time to realize it.

I’m referring to one of the most positive and successful teams at CSU — club hockey.

What’s that? You didn’t even know we had a hockey team? You didn’t know they won their division last season? You didn’t hear they’re took fourth in the nation a year ago? That’s OK. We all have Facebook, and I know how much needs to be dedicated to status updates.

Well, since you’re here anyway, let me explain why CSU Hockey is the best sport to support.

First, you won’t be disappointed. The frosty Rams are 8-1, and their only loss came at the hands of the national champions from the past two seasons, Davenport. CSU is loaded with talent and head coach Kelly Newton says this is the best team in his 10-year tenure. With a few fresh additions, the Rams have some of the best talent in the Division-II American Collegiate Hockey Association.

And they’re proving it. When the horned hockey team hit the ice against Montana last Saturday, the smaller-than-typical crowd was treated to a 12-1 victory. So far, the Rams have outscored their opponents 65-18. Led by senior goaltender Mike Dlugos’ 105 saves, the Rams have been able to play physical CSU defense and score points.

Points scored without one of the team’s best players in Dan Malone, who is out until January with a leg injury. Malone finished third in goals a season ago, and the Rams made up for it very well. Rookies Paul Jenkins and Parker Harrison are leading the team with 11 goals each.

Newton also said that he didn’t think the Rams were going to lose another game this year. Confidence like that is worth checking out.

The second? It’s worth your time.

Last season the Rams took a trip down the road to the Budweiser Event Center for a game against archrival CU-Boulder. This year that game is a bit further down the road – at the Pepsi Center in Denver, and it’s cheaper to attend. A green picture of Andrew Jackson (that’s $20) gets you in the game, but oh, does it get so much more.

For one ticket, you get in for the women’s game against CU, which goes down just a few ticks before the men take the ice. Plenty of time to switch your hockey mind state knob to crazy. The best part? That ticket will also allow you back through the doors for a select Avalanche game. Three games – one low price.

For full details on this game and more about ticket info go to www.csuhockey.com.

Moving on.

The third reason for you to stop playing Farmville and go to a game? These guys deserve it. ESPN could do a cheesy documentary about how hard this team works and how soft the credit they receive is. Newton drives in from Monument to be with the team. That’s dedication.

The Rams also deal with late and early ice times. When they’re sweating and sucking air inside a giant refrigerator, the rest of campus has dreams of sugarplums in the heads.

They play physical Western Canadian hockey and have yet to quit. This team represents CSU with class and victories; it’s really time that the rest of us tried to do the same when they play home games over at EPIC. And on Oct. 30, the Rams will be playing the Sam Spady charity game: A perfect excuse to support two great things.

The final reason?

For now, CSU is a D-II team. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Newton said this team is capable of playing up a level. Support from the community and CSU fans will assist in achieving that goal, and you can start this week.

The Rams will take the ice this Friday against Eastern Washington University. EWU went 25-7 last season and delivered one of only a few losses to CSU. This is the perfect opportunity to get out and support a big rivalry, a great CSU sports team and watch one heck of a game – you won’t want to miss out.

Sports writer Keith Robertston can be reached at sports@collegian.com.

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