Yays and Nays

Oct 192009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer for pressing the family of Balloon Boy for answers. Do you think the award-winning journalist goes home at night thinking, “I’m Wolf Blizter. I just grilled a 6-year-old boy. What happened to my life?”

Nay | to the Balloon Boy’s family, the Hennes, for leading the nation on a wild goose chase last week. It’s one thing to lead on emergency service personnel, but poor, nearly homeless college journalists — that’s just plain evil.

yay | to the Denver Broncos beating down those Chargers, going undefeated on the season. They’re just setting themselves up for the worse team collapse in NFL history.

nay | to the CSU football team, speaking of team collapsing mid-season. They should take a page from the volleyball team, who’ve won 12 matches in a row and turn it up a notch.

yay | to the Matthew Shepard-inspired hate legislation passing both segments of Congress. Finally, Obama’s living up to his Nobel Peace Prize-accomplishment.

Nay | to drunken idiots taking to the streets in their cars and trucks. Come on people, clearly you’re supposed to guilt your friends into driving your drunk butt home.

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