Oct 192009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Most of us on the Collegian editorial board don’t ride bikes. The only exception is our esteemed Editorial Editor Ian Bezek. So, to us, bike lanes generally only present a hardship to our endeavors in transportation.

We do, however, realize the flip side of the coin in the fact that the lanes are an essential vessel for some to get around.

On a peripheral level, which few recognize, they especially affect those who are consigned to a wheelchair.

In the past, Fort Collins hasn’t afforded those in wheelchairs any option for going to and fro aside from the bus system, which, as it has been reported in this newspaper, often leaves them without a means of obtaining groceries or paying their water bill.

Tonight, City Council will hold a second reading for an already implemented rule that would allow wheelchair users to utilize the bike lanes that are currently only available to cyclists.

It’s a good start, and the city should be applauded for approving a measure that would make the lives of those in wheelchairs a little bit easier.

But the question that should be posed is this: Why not just make it OK for them to use whatever means necessary to get the job done, including using the city’s broken sidewalks?

Until Fort Collins starts dedicating public dollars to research on hovercrafts for the city’s disabled or a miracle cure for paraplegia, more needs to be done to help city’s disabled community live a life of ease.

Good job, City Council, but keep trucking. People need you.

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