Oct 142009
Authors: Aaron Hedge

It was announced in its Wednesday Senate meeting that student government awarded five upperclassmen the $1,000 Pacesetters scholarship earlier this month.

The scholarship, which recognizes students for their outstanding ability to balance academics and extracurricular activities, replaced the title of Homecoming royalty more than two decades ago and better represents one of CSU’s nine missions, said Tim Hole, vice president of the Associated Students of CSU.

“I think it’s a better fit for CSU’s culture of civil engagement,” he said.

Originally, the Pacesetter was simply a title given to deserving students but later developed into a scholarship two years ago. Money for the scholarship comes from the Yates Scholarship Fund, an endowed scholarship fund established in honor of former CSU President Albert C. Yates.

The 2009 Pacesetters: Anna Marie Senior, Jon Vivolo, Kristine “Ryan” Peters, Melissa Still and Quinn Girrens, are considered to be among CSU’s elite and possess the following qualities:



Importance of education, and

What it means to be a CSU Ram.

Girrens, former ASCSU vice president, said the application process was intensive, requiring five essays displaying all the necessary qualities. When she was asked to come in for an interview, she was also asked to bring an additional 250 to 500 word essay on “How has being a CSU Ram changed your life?”

She said that she takes great pride in what she does at CSU, adding that it’s great to be recognized.

“I’m really humbled by it.”

Hole said that each of the applicants had admirable amounts of community involvement, and he was thoroughly impressed with each of the 12 who were granted interviews.

“I just wanted to give the award to everyone who applied. I would have if I could have,” he said.

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