Yays and Nays

Oct 122009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the CSU Homecoming bonfire in the ditch west of the Lory Student Center. OOOHHH . AHHH . fire good.

Nay | to the cold weather during all the homecoming festivities. It’s hard to act RAMbunctious when you can’t feel your face. And yes, that was frozen snot on everyone’s face.

yay | to Cans Around The Oval commencing this Wednesday. Getting canned near the Administration Building never sounded so good.

nay | to the snowball-throwing idiots at the CSU football game Saturday. Next time you drunkards think about being disruptive, transfer to the School of Mines. Go Fum.

yay | to President Obama promising to lift the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy from the U.S. Military. Now, however, dissenters will need a new excuse — and Canada’s cold in the winter.

Nay | to Major League Baseball umpires blowing many important calls this postseason. Get off your knees, umps, because you’re . going to need some better glasses.

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