Oct 112009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Students — nay, the idiots — at this weekend’s homecoming football game who threw snowballs from the stands on to the field are an embarrassment to the CSU tradition. Never before have we been so ashamed to say that we are CSU Rams.

While the majority of students in attendance did not partake in these juvenile actions, it is unfortunate that the minority unfairly disgraced the image of the entire student body.

Not only were snowballs thrown within the stands at other students, they were also thrown on the field at both CSU and Utah players, coaches, police officers and members of the working media. It is fair to say most folks expect to show up to work and not have things heaved at them, especially by those for whom they work.

This behavior does not jive with the CSU tradition, nor does it reflect support for our stalwart Rams.

While students are to blame for this mess, the CSU Police Department and members of Landmark Event Staff did a poor job of enforcing the “threat” made over the Public Address system that any person caught throwing objects onto the playing field would be ejected from the stadium. Police and security officers simply stood on the sidelines watching the snowballs fly and did nothing about it.

As students, we are ambassadors of our university, and the snowball throwing that took place on Saturday just proved the immaturity of a minority of us, but will unfortunately represent an impression of CSU as a whole a bumbling group of drunken idiots.

We at least take issue with the idiots part.

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