Letter to the Editor

Oct 112009
Authors: David Rayome

Dear Editor:

I found Robyn Scherer’s column “Riding for the brand: How loyal are you?” very offensive and discriminatory. This is not high school. We are not 16-year-olds running around sporting our high school colors, singing our high school song and whatever you classify as “showing school spirit.”

I came to CSU at age 26. I did not go to college after high school and have real world experience.

I thought CSU supports and suggests diversity within the student body. Robyn asked, “Will (you wear) green and gold? If it’s not, you should reconsider staying at this institution!” The fact that I am a University of Colorado football fan, and that from this, you are saying that I should “reconsider” coming to CSU, is appalling. This is discrimination.

CSU is not a university for Coloradans only. People from all over the country come here to study academic subjects, not to come here to show their silly school pride. Just because a kid comes from the East Coast say, being a Virginia Tech fan growing up, they should just abandon their roots.

All of a sudden I should just wear CSU’s school’s colors because it’s “a slap in (your) face?” I came to CSU to study my major and advance myself in the world. I don’t care about showing my silly school spirit and chanting ra ra ra at football games.

I can wear whatever I want, support whomever I want to support, and laugh at your high school antics about school pride. As for homecoming weekend? I’m not going to “step up.” I have studying to do, which is why I attend this university.

David Rayome,

Freshman, construction management

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