Oct 082009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

We want Fum back. OK, not literally — rest his soul — but the song.

Let us learn ya’ll on some old school, CSU tradition. Frosh, listen up.

See, CSU, at one time, had this tiny little problem called pride. Yes, yes we know . you’re probably saying pride’s a good thing, but apparently not.

A long time ago, one CSU alumnus felt pride for his school and was not afraid to show it. He created a little ditty to express how much he felt his school was better than the other surrounding universities. You will read that later on.

His name: Thurman “Fum” McGraw — the man of CSU football lore and whose name sits on the facade of Athletic Center.

And until August 2006, the scoreboard proudly boomed footage of the man in his later years, still lively pumping up a locker room full of young football brutes with “Fum’s Song.”

Until the university put on it’s politically correct dunce cap. CSU officials, citing sportsmanship issues, took away a vital enthusiasm tool and a piece of university history, banning the song from games.

But now, maybe us Ram fans can show our new administration, one that professes an open mind to students wants and needs, that we actually want the song back . finally.

What’s lacked, however, is a tangible, well thought-out plan. So pay attention.

Our plan:

Step one – cut out the “Fum Song” presented here so you need not memorize the lengthy piece. We know, we’re awesome.

Step two – put “Fum Song” in your pocket before the game as to not forget it.

Step three – stand up between the third and fourth quarter, right after the CSU Dance Team finishes whatever they do in the endzone.

Step four – sing. We’d prefer loudly, but at all is good. Oh, and try to keep up with the others around you.

A united front is imperative to show our CSU officials that we want the song back.

And if you’re offended, don’t go. You’re probably the stupid ones who cheer during offensive drives and wave your keys when we’re receiving kickoffs.

Don’t let us down, Rammies, and maybe we’ll pull off a miracle season. See our Collegian fan page on Facebook for more information.

Fum’s Song

I’ll sing you a song

of college days,

And tell you where to go

Aggies’ where knowledge is,

Boulder spends your dough.

C.C. for your sissy boys,

Utah for your times,

D.U. for your ministers,

For drunkards, School of Mines,

Don’t send my boy to Wyoming U.,

A dying mother said;

Don’t send my boy to Brigham Young,

I’d rather see him dead,

But send him to the ole Aggies,

‘Tis better than Cornell,

Before I’d see him in Boulder,

I’d see my son in Hell!

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