Oct 072009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

Is it sad that finding a parking space in the Hartshorn lot is the highlight of my week so far?

I would like to thank the guy sitting next to me in class today. Listening to the spice girls actually does make world history more fun.

I fully expect an A from my professor who stepped out on my presentation to take a phone call.

Wanted: A new fun buddy to replace the one who couldn’t keep up with me.

You know your a college student when you can’t do seven dollars for seven days because it would interfere with your weekend of getting smashed.

You know you’re a senior when you can identify all the tables in the library by which project/paper you completed at them.

To the girl sitting on the sidewalk chucking an ear of corn — were you really planning on eating that, or did you just have nothing better to do?

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