Oct 072009

CSU’s faculty council recently voted to urge the university to ban concealed weapons from campus — a reactionary move that initially seems like one that would keep classrooms safer.

But the issue begs for closer examination. We’ll take a shot.

On the surface it seems insane to allow guns in the classroom. But consider this: If a gun wielding mad person wanted to open fire on campus, would he take the time to get a concealed weapons permit?

We think not. Premeditated murder tends to neglect the law.

It is irrational to fear that those who paid the fees and completed the courses for a concealed permit pose a greater risk. If anything, allowing concealed weapons on campus increases safety. That’s right, safety.

In the horrific event that someone decided to use deadly weapons in a classroom, the reality that some of those students are packing, and trained, is a small comfort. In every recent school shooting, too many lives were taken before authorities could take control of the situation. Very regrettably so.

A defensive weapon on the scene, in the building, could more quickly diffuse an otherwise deadly situation. Now, we’re not advocating gun violence or that students bring gats to class — guns kill people. But guns also kill bad people.

We’re not na’ve enough to think pencils and paper stand a chance against a .45 caliber pistol. Faculty council disagrees, but last we checked, Ph.Ds aren’t bulletproof.

Don’t let a rational fear blind rational thought. Defensive use of firearms can save lives.

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