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Authors: Glen Pfeiffer, Ryan Gibbons

We don’t know about you, but we know that our time spent watching online video rivals our time spent watching cable television. We watch more “shows” that are produced by individuals than shows aired on the networks.

This fact either has a lot to say about the shows that networks are airing or a lot to say about the awesomeness of user-created online video content. Maybe it’s even the best of both worlds (we like to call it the Having/Eating Cake Feasibility Effect).

In any case, like fine wine, selecting YouTube user channels to subscribe to can be difficult without the help of an expert. So, allow us to be your sommelier for the evening as we share with you our expertise regarding the wide selection of YouTube channels. And don’t forget the cheese.


This sparkling channel from the rolling hills of Seattle is more or less America’s Funniest Home Videos — though sadly minus the Bob Saget narration. As the name implies, most of the videos feature people failing at, well, life. Most of the clips are no more than 30 seconds long and usually have us laughing, or at least smiling, by the end. Or pitying the human race.


Due to Mr. Burnham’s melodic humor being a little off color at most times, we’d suggest you carefully examine your devotion to political correctness before letting this channel slide across your tongue. However, once you’re there odds are you’ll find yourself laughing at the jokes they warned you about at the last harassment seminar at work. Just try to keep up.


These two, John and Hank Green, breathed Internet mainstream life into the nerdy viewers of YouTube after originally creating their vlog to talk to each other across the country.

This highly interactive channel warrants plenty of audience participation, including an annual takeover of YouTube’s “most viewed videos of the day” page.


This channel is definitely a must-see. It belongs to a nationwide improv comedy group of the same name — the same group responsible for turning the “flash mob” phenomenon that the Internet savvy knew about into a full-blown sensation.

They are best known for their videos of the well-orchestrated flash mobs in which they “froze” Grand Central Station and stormed a New York Best Buy with 80 people dressed in blue Polos and khakis.


Not a lot needs to be said here. We should all know and love Collegehumor.com by now … this channel has spawned such video gems as “We Didn’t Start the Flame War” and “Every Week On Entourage.”

The Onion:

Last year, the Associated Students of CSU failed at its attempt to bring to campus the only thing that CU-Boulder has over our heads: the print version of The Onion newspaper. Luckily enough, The Onion has hundreds of satirical news broadcasts on YouTube.

Many of these are so well produced that viewers from other countries occasionally misconstrue them as real news broadcasts, making the video comments almost as entertaining as the videos.


This YouTuber hits the streets hard, asking the people of California about tough topics like the recession, homosexuality and sex. But it’s not the topics that make this channel so interesting, it’s Mr. G’s ability to make any question uncomfortable, ensuring an entertaining video every time.


With one of the best commentaries on today’s news, Phil (he’s not sexy, he’s sXe) manages to deliver his opinion to viewers in an entertaining but also thought-provoking video every weekday.

Like Bo, his jokes sometimes seem a little rough, but he generally makes sure his insults are justified. Definitely don’t miss his regular segment titled “Douchebag of the Day”.

Columnists Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer are looking at you Sideways. They can be reached upon return from their weeklong pre-Thanksgiving, post-BYU football loss break in Napa Valley at verve@collegian.com.

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