Ram Talk

Oct 062009
Authors: compiled Heidi Reitmeyer

Does anyone else miss the arts and crafts time we used to get in elementary school? I want to make a jack-o-lantern out of construction paper. But no, we’re “adults.”

At the very least, the free football tickets are good crutch-rolling material.

To my professor: I know you love history, but I don’t think having a poster with Nazi flags in your office is the best idea.

The one perk about the frigid weather: It chilled the beer in my backpack as I walked across campus.

I read in the paper that Florida University has a disaster plan for a zombie outbreak. With all this paranoia about swine flu, I wonder if CSU has a zombie apocalypse disaster plan.

Dear CSU, If you’re going to waste my money, please support a better napping area. It would be greatly appreciated.

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