Letter to the editor

Oct 052009
Authors: Chris McGill junior speech communication major

In regard to Monday’s Our View, the paper made mention of the problem that CSU has with “sharing the road.” While I agree with your view that the problem lies in both directions, I frankly think you were a lot nicer than I would have been about it.

It seems that the problem stems from two misunderstandings that I have experienced and witnessed from both almost hitting someone and almost being hit.

First, drivers need to assume that just about everyone around them is one step away from smacking into their car or stepping out in front of it whether they are biker, pedestrian or another driver and therefore, defensive, cautious driving is definitely advised.

I don’t care at all how late you/are for your class or whatever your reason is, a deadline or lack of caution is no excuse for injuring or possibly killing someone.

Second, bikers and pedestrians, it’s time you learned that the stop signs on campus apply to you, too. Not just the one in the center of campus, but all of them. You are not entitled to just start biking or walking across the street just because you don’t happen to be in a car.

You are endangering yourself and others, I shouldn’t have to point this out but if the sign is red and says stop, you stop. It comes down to having some common sense out on the road for all parties involved.

Chris McGill

Junior speech

communication major

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