Oct 052009
Authors: Madeline Novey

The chair of the committee charged with the national search for a permanent provost/executive vice president said while the date is negotiable, the university is aiming to hire someone to start in the position by July 1.

The search committee –/made up of CSU faculty and employees, a student government representative and administration –/met for the first time Friday to finalize the provost job description after considering CSU President Tony Frank’s expectations.

The decision to find an individual to take over the post long-term followed recommendation from Interim Provost and Executive Vice President Rick Miranda, according to an e-mail Frank sent to the university Friday.

“But as Rick himself has often reminded me, unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary, our university is best served by open, competitive searches,” Frank said.

Conversations between Frank and Miranda about the national search started over the summer when Frank was appointed president in late June, Miranda said.

“Open competitive national searches should be the order of the day for us,” Miranda said, adding later, “We don’t know what kind of a jewel would be out there dying to work for our institution.”

Though Frank said he echoes the support many at CSU have voiced for Miranda in taking the position, he supported Miranda’s urge to start the search process.

Miranda said Monday that he would likely apply for the position.

In addition to collaborating with leaders to combat devastating cuts to higher education, Miranda said the provost would face challenges at a university level including:

Hiring new faculty,

Expanding CSU’s curricular programs, and

Updating/building new facilities, among others.

Of the issues that will need to be addressed, Miranda said, “Some will be more fun than others,” adding the position would prove to be “very rewarding.”

Asked to chair the search committee by Frank on Sept. 22, Senior Vice President of Administrative Services Tom Gorell said CSU is looking to fill the second highest administrative spot with someone who has experience as a dean, department head or who has attained professor status.

“We’re looking for someone . with experience, with a breadth of knowledge about academic programs,” he said, adding communication and leadership skills to the list.

The deadline for application is Nov. 9 and the next search committee meeting is set tentatively for Nov. 23, Gorell said.

Miranda took over as interim provost in December filling the position formerly held by Frank. Frank ascended to interim president after Larry Penley resigned suddenly on Nov. 5 amid a shroud of criticism for a five-year tenure characterized by drastic overhauls to top-level administration and declining financial support to academics colleges.

The provost/vice president serves on the President’s Cabinet, serves as CSU’s chief academic officer and reports directly to Frank. They oversee the senior vice presidents, a vice provost, three vice presidents, an associate provost, the director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability and the deans of the eight colleges and the libraries, one of whom serves as executive dean.

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