Oct 012009
Authors: Matt Minich

Anyone planning to visit Horsetooth Reservoir Saturday should expect to be greeted by a crowd of hundreds sporting neon spandex and chalk-white hands.

The colorful gathering is known as the Horsetooth Hang, an annual rock climbing event held at the reservoir’s most popular climbing areas. The event is hosted by the Northern Colorado Climber’s Coalition, or NC3, which chose an “80’s Lycra Revival” theme for this year’s festival.

“We’re climbers. We’re a bunch of jokers,” NC3 Secretary Ricky Newman said. “We just thought it would be funny to see a bunch of climbers running around in Lycra at Horsetooth Reservoir.”

The festival combines casual climbing and competition with a large-scale trash cleanup of the areas. Volunteers at the Hang removed more than 300 pounds of garbage from various climbing areas last year, Newman said.

“It keeps the conversations between land managers and climbers open and healthy,” Paul Dusatko, climbing wall manager at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, a Fort Collins climbing gym, said.

Miramont will provide vans to shuttle climbers from the parking lot at Hughes Stadium to

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